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Why President Barrow (Desperately Needs) to Talk to Gambians

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No one can pretend everything is fine with our beloved Gambia. It is clear to the people what President Barrow’s Government can and cannot do for us. If President Barrow wants to win back rural voters there is only one way out. The TRUTH is the only way out. They are feeling the pain. You cannot go to them with the message that is contrary to what they are feeling.

President Barrow must at this stage try to listen to the concerns of the people. He should be in a position to clearly tell them how he intends to address their concerns.

The tour should not mainly be about the Government. It should not “let’s talk about my Government” rather it should be “let’s talk about the problems of the people.”

No matter what extend of peace and unity message you preach, if the people’s concern are not put on the forefront, the situation will change. Hope this time around there won’t be personal attacks on politicians who are perceived as opponents. There is no time for that.

President Adama Barrow always leaves out one major topic in his addresses. He does not talk about the poverty of the people. He should start to consider this a worthy issue and talk to the people as to how he intends to bring it down.

He is highly likely to blame Covid-19 and Russo-Ukraine War as the key to our problems. Yes, these are issues but the people would more interested in knowing the way out.

How will you help businesses grow? How will you help farmers grow? How will you improve the health and education system? How will the people benefit from tourism? The how questions are essential. This is what we want to here.

The meeting grounds are not battlefields.

You may insist that inflation is under control, but is that sure? Address Gambians on this.

You claimed that you brought us democracy with the claim that you actually saved our democracy after toppling your predecessor at the December 2016 elections. No problem, Sir. There is no dispute that you succeeded him. The problem is how far have you gone? How about the new constitution which the Gambians wanted and which promised to deliver to us? How about the security sector reform? There are many more. Please, Your Excellency, address Gambians on this issue.

There were a lot of missing issues in your previous tour and campaign.

Finally, the price hike in our markets is one of the much talked about issue. It is affecting everyone. Please, address the people on that.

By the time you complete addressing the people on this topic, you would have realised that you don’t have time to praise sing your Government or what you have done so far. You will come to admit that what you have to do far outweigh what you are celebrating.

More work than talk. All eyes on the tour and I hope we will see a tour full of issues rather than a tour of promises and partisan politics.

Please stay balanced,
Yankuba Jallow.

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