UTG lecturer tells Dr Ceesay to stop ‘misleading public’ over partisan comment

By Ida Kebbeh

Dr Alieu Gibba, a senior lecturer and former UTG staff president has told his former colleague Dr Ismaila Ceesay to stop misleading the public over his partisan comment.

Dr Ceesay also the leader of the opposition Citizens Alliance now lectures at one of China’s top universities.

According to Dr Gibba, Dr Ceesay’s ‘misleading comment’ because he is simultaneously allowed to be a lecturer and leader of a political party while teaching at the UTG.

“Stop misleading the public what you said and what the constitution says are in different/opposite direction because the constitution says that one cannot hold a political office and at the same hold a public office,” Dr Gbba said.

He added that universities are institutions where good values, moral and integrity are imparted and UTG is not an exception, adding that the behaviors of lecturers have a direct impact on students attitudes in public and civil service.