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US-based Gambian activist slams lawmakers over vehicles costing D2.5 million

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Pa Samba Jow, US-based Gambian rights activist, has slammed lawmakers for purchasing brand new vehicles costing D2.5 million at the coast of Gambians.

However, the MPs leaped in to defend the vehicles that it is part a trust fund bill passed by the House during the tenure of the last parliament. But according to reports, the MPs will only pay half of the money for each vehicle while The Gambia government will pay the other half of the vehicle.

Pa Samba Jow, said: “to my view is wrong because they are elected into office represent the people with the view for them to go address problems of the people. But if look since these lawmakers are elected into office, every day they are looking at how they enrich themselves, and they know that living co0ndition in the country is expensive, food prices is rising, there is no medication at the hospitals, there is lack of job among youth.”

“The MPs are entitled to clothing allowance, seating allowance and they are travelling always and anytime they travel they are paid per diem.

“What they are saying that the government gives the ministers two vehicles, but those vehicles are not owned by the ministers because anyway they are sacked the government will take back the vehicles .To my view why The Gambia still remain poor is the attitude of our politicians and national assembly members,” he added.


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