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“There will never be a Dictator and Adama Barrow will never be  Dictator” – Ahmed MK Bah

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By Isatou Colley

Speaking at a gathering in Ndungu Kebbeh as the president began his nationwide tour addresing the issue of people taking fertiliizer out of the country and some Gambias urged the  to arrest those involved,  The minister of tourism and culture Ahmed MK Bah said he heard people saying president Barrow is cold and needs to be hot but in light with this they have fought dictatorship in this country and

” there will never be a Dictator and Adama Borrow will never be Dictator ”

The minister of Tourism added that president Barrow believes in the rule of law and if anyone breaks the take him to the police that’s what the Law says.

Bah says even a relative of the president breaks the law even a telephone call he won’t interfere he only allow the law to take it cause. Adding that the most important thing is as Gambians we should learned to love our nation  everyone should be there own police and if anyone breaks the law take the person to the police.

Bah continued that the government is making plans to sell fertiliizer from banks to support farmers across the country urging Gambians to come together to work for the betterment of the country.

He finally appeal to those selling fertiliizer out side out of the country to sell it in the country at a price that the government is selling it..

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