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Fatou Jaw Manneh, a veteran journalist, activist and former adviser to President Adama Barrow has weighed in on the current political situation of the country arguing that the United Democratic Party-UDP, has the right to seek redress in the courts if they have enough evidence to defend their case. The former statehouse adviser said this in an article she posted on her Facebook page a couple of hours ago. Read on:
“The UDP has every right to file in court, if they please, a 10,000-page document making a case for fraud and bias in our just recent elections process. It is their democratic right to do so. No need to cast aspersions. We must be patient with them to put up a case as it is their right as Gambian citizens /parties to denounce the results or to bring forth their grievances/disagreement with the results to the courts.
The million-dollar question though is, are there any substantive errors that will make the courts overturn the election results. We all can analyze or bring forth hundreds of reasons for a UDP Loss or a Barrow win. For starters, there is nowhere on earth for 100% free and fair elections. There are bound to be errors in all elections around the world? But in Gambia’s case, is there any significant error that warrants usurping the results?? That is where the courts will come in, in arbitration hence, we are not legal minds or the legal entity to deliberate on that.
We all must be respectful and patient to each other and to the process during this tense moment and be very sensitive to the matter. The Gambia we are all related. We are a small country and must respect each other, be patient, and be tolerant. This is a learning process, a reflection, and a maturing of our newfound Gambia and democracy. It is indeed true that politics brings out the worst in all of us. But we must all guard zealously the democratic process, principles, and outcomes at the ballot box or at the courts. Luckily we all have voted in a very free and fair environment. That is a win for our country and for our democracy.
After a great chunk of years of political activism is going to take a back seat. Note Below: I do not need any job from any party, winner, loser, independent or aspiring. Wa Salaam * this is a contribution at ‘ Voice of the Gambia’ Forum*
Long Live Democracy
Fatou Jaw Manneh”
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