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Sainabou Martin-Sonko Says She Has a Letter Instructing Her to Work Immediately

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By Habsatou Bah

Sainabou Martin-Sonko, the Chief Executive Officer of Kanifing Municipal Council and Finance Director who were accused of corruption in office and suspended pending the outcome of investigations were assigned by the Ministry of Local Government and Lands to resume work on the 21st of February 2023.

According to sainabou, she was received by the Dupty Mayor with her team and she was told that her office was not ready.

She was further told that the Council will look at the matter during their general Council meeting which was supposed to take place on Wednesday on the 22th, and any decision they have reached will be communicated to them.

However, during the interview with GTTV, she said, “but what I want to say to everyone is, I have a letter that is instructing me to work at immediate effect from the Local Government Service Commission under the Ministry of Local Government.”

Sainabou highlighted that the latter is an instruction asking them to resume work. She said despite the fact that she had been coming to the Council for seven to eight times, they had been always receiving the same excuses.

The CEO outlined that there is nothing that can make her to believe what they have just said. She said, instead of allowing her to enter her office, they allocated a conference hall for her to hang around and wait for them to decide, which means if she comes back she will have to wait for them at the Conference Hall until they’re done with the matter.

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