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By Sheikh Tijan Faal

Musa has been tailoring in Ebo Town for the past ten years as his only source of living he puts food on table for his family.

Like dozens of victims, Musa was left in tears after his workshop was among demolished houses by The Gambia government as part of its road expansion.

“My workshop was not just a place of work; it was my sanctuary, my source of income, and a symbol of my hard work,” emotional Musa said.

He aded:“I had invested years into building my business, and now it’s all about go.”

Musa’s workshop was not only a place where he honed his tailoring skills but also served as a community hub, attracting loyal customers and aspiring tailors seeking mentorship.

The demolition has not only affected him personally but has also disrupted the local economy and deprived the community of a valuable resource.

“I had loyal clients who relied on me for their clothing needs. Now, I have no means to fulfill their orders. I feel like I have let them down, and it breaks my heart,” he continued.

Musa’s story is not an isolated incident. Many other residents in Ebo Town have also suffered the loss part of their homes and businesses due to the proposed road project.

Musa like other victims of the demolition called for accountability.

“W understand the need for progress and development, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of our lives and livelihoods. There should have been better planning and consideration for the impact on individuals like me.”

“It is important for the authorities to listen to their concerns and work towards finding solutions that mitigate the hardships faced by individuals like Musa. By doing so, they can help rebuild not only physical structures but also the hopes and dreams of those whose lives have been disrupted by the demolition.

“They argue that the government’s lacks the foresight has worsened and already dire situation,leaving them vulnerable and without support.”

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