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Mayor-Elect Talib Bensouda Sworn-in

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Swearing in Ceremony Speech:


Thank you for your confidence. Thank you for the recognition of the good work of the councillors and management of the Kanifing Municipal Council over the past 5 years.


Thank you for believing in our vision. Thank you for accepting and validating our plans for 2023 – 2027.


I wish to congratulate the people of Kanifing Municipality and Gambians in general. This election cycle represents the second multi-party local elections conducted in the last 20 years where for the most part all parties and citizens were free from the yolk of an authoritarian regime.


During the elections voters were able to vote for the candidates of their choice. This is one more step towards a free and democratic Gambia and will surely strengthen our nation.


During our campaigns, we listened to the dreams and aspirations of the people. We heard the needs of the people for a council that is even more attuned to their needs; a people who are hungry for development.


I want to tell you that we have heard you. This council will strive every day to fulfil fulfill the promise to the people to make this next term one of record achievements.


I feel overwhelmed by the trust you have placed in me to grant my councillors and I such an overwhelming mandate. This council will strive every day to fulfil the promise to the people of KM to make this next term one of record achievements. I therefore re-commit to wake up every single day to do my utmost to deliver on our plans and to accelerate the growth we have previously registered.


This new term will be shorter. And will expire in exactly 4 years. As such, I use this opportunity to call on my fellow councillors and the staff of Council to that we may collectively rise to the challenge. To work together even more closely for our common master – you the people.


Over the next 4 years we will also call on the government to be our partner and our collaborator. We will do our utmost to work with the government so that together we can demonstrate to the people that through unity we can deliver even faster development.


In the next term our plans is to focus on:

Road infrastructure development within the municipality.

Development of a low cost municipal bus transport service.

To construct affordable housing to ease the congestion and rent burden of the less privileged.

To mechanise and process waste at the Bakoteh Dump site.

To expand market infrastructure.

To increase youth engagement and participation in development.

To establish a public information office to provide guidance to residents of KM.


We will continue to ask for more decentralisation of functions from the central government in order to take more responsibility for the needs of the people of KM. To serve our people better and more efficiently we will also lseek to realise the changes to the relevant legislation so that the council can be granted more autonomy. We invite the government to let go of more authority to KMC so that we can ease its development burden. This will enable the government to focus more on increase its oversight function, to guide us, and to assist us increase our with more capacity to serve our people.


The people of KMC demand more rapid development.

The people of KMC deserve rapid development.


On Monday, I will call on his Eexcellency to seek his support and to extend the collaborative hand of council.


We are energised! , We are motivated! Weand we are ready to work harder than ever for you, the people.


We thank you once again and we look forward to sharing this journey with you.


Before taking my leave, I would like to, with great sadness, remember my Good Friend Tuku Jallow. A woman of substance and great empathy for the underprivileged, who worked tirelessly to better lives throughout the country. I pray that Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala will grant her Jannah.


Wa Salam.

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