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Lamin Tamba Texted Me To Join No To Alliance Movement

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By Sheriff Conteh

On 20th November 2022, Deputy Spokesperson of APRC Dodou Jah, while having an interview on ‘Bankola Kuwo’ said he was texted by UK-based Yaya Jammeh loyalist Lamin Tamba to join the fraction: No To Alliance Movement.

According to Mr Jah, this happened shortly before 2022 Parliamentary Election where the fraction was able to secure five seats in the Fonis. ‘’this happened before Parliamentary Election – after 2022 Presidential Election.’’

During his conversation with Mr Tamba, Tamba told him to join the fraction – who rebellion against forming an alliance with NPP during December 4th Presidential Election, but he was not told the reason why he should join them.

He continues to say, he, Mr Jah, equally didn’t ask the reason why he should join No To Alliance. He was also told by Mr Lamin Tamba that three of them, he, Mr Tamba and Foday Chorr will have further discussion on the issue.
‘’He said he wants three of us to have a conference call and discuss the matter.’’

Asked by the journalist whether he will join No To Alliance Movement, Mr Jah said he didn’t see the reason why he should join No To Alliance Movement because he is currently ok in APRC where he is respected, but added that, both Lamin Tamba and Foday Chorr are his colleagues despite Lamin’s too much of critiques against him. They used to chat nicely whenever they meet.

On the issue of reconciliation, he highlighted that dialogue has been going on since and the leader of APRC, Fabakary Tombong Jatta is aware of; an there was a meeting that was scheduled to take place at Fabakary’s home but Fabakry himself said the meeting should not happen at his own compound because he is a party leader, instead, it should happen at his deputy’s home, Rambo Jatta.

While intermittently answering questions, he was again asked whether he will reconcile with No To Alliance Movement even if his part y leader didn’t accept, he added, ‘’if congress said we should reconcile, we will reconcile. Nobody is the owner of the party, whatever congress says is what we used to do at APRC.’’

Fabakary-led APRC and No To Alliance Movement were one until December 4th Presidential Election approaches. Separation occurred after former president Yaya Jammeh made declarations that Fabakary Tombong Jatta and co are sacked following APRC’s formation of alliance with National People’s Party – NPP. No

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