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Kifa Barhama’s Message To President Barrow

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Happy New Year to you and the First Family including your Cabinet Ministers.

I will seize this opportunity as a concern Citizen to inform you and raise awareness the ten(10) key points of leadership qualities with i believe could work for the interest of all.

(1): Honestly & Integrity

This is one of the major qualities of a supreme leader

(2) : Confidence

Stay confidence and be bold enough with your team to deliver on time for the interest of all.

(3) : Inspire your Team

Be an example and take the lead.

(4) : Commitment & Passion

Be the watch dog and be vigilant not everyone will deliver among your government club as you expect it to be.

(5): Good Communicator

You must communicate effectively and filter your message, listen to your People and you must be willing to accept critism from all speakers.

(6) : Decision Making

Take yourself seriously during Decision making; be transparent , fair and balance.

(7) : Accountability

Set an anti – Corruption Commission that will filter, investigate, control public funds and be the watch dog of the country’s coffers; No Compromize and bring those involve in Corruption to the law book. Learn From China Corruption Policy.

(8) : Delegate Task & Responsibilities

Appoint / give jobs to Competent citizens without fear,favor or for any political interest.

(9) : Creativity & Development

Our policies should be Rush – Hour implémentation remember time is not on our side anymore as we all agree or not the world is developing rapidly day – by – day.

Be vigilant and strongly dictate our technocrates and government employees to deliver on time with great expectation or else let them resign in peace.

Create a bigger job environment for the young people and support them with the capacity and healthy finance.

(10) Empathy

Try to develop empathy with the people you serve.


(1) : Price of Basic Food Commodities is increasing daily; No Prize Control

(2): Drug Abuse & Crime rate is getting rampant and Corruption is a Culture now.

(3) Hospitals lacks basic medicines ; Employment is whom you know not what you know

Author : Mamour M Mbenga


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