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‘If Empire of Ghana can Protect Resources, why not modern African States’ – Dr. Ensa Touray

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By Habsatou Bah

Speaking to GTTV on ‘Bankola Kuwo’ on Sunday, History lecturer at the University of the Gambia, Dr.Ensa Touray says Gambians need to adopt scientific approach in politics and identify scholars, experienced people and politicians who actually study the Nation and understand it.

“How do you study Gambia as a nation from the time of independent up to now many politicians don’t know nothing about it”.

He said the context that PDOIS adopted is very scientific and systematic, they look at the economic factor and study every aspects of it. He says if one has been studying the system and understand it, he will able to understand the shortcomings and find a way to create and solve the problems.

Recalling the regime change in 2016, he said the leaders where only interested in positions rather than meaningful reforms.

“That’s why when we went in for political changes in 2016 to 2017 Elections, they thought, they’re educated and could not even influence any relevant political changes or reforms because they don’t understand the context of governance from Jawara to Jammeh, their interest was to influence political change or how to effect political change in order to position themselves. They were position oriented,’ Dr.Touray said.

He says if the empire of Ghana can establish state of Ghana to protect the gold resources in Ghana, why not in modern states after political change. Why should Gambian leaders involve the Chinese in our country to attract them in our natural resources. Are they the people who can fight for our independent?

At the same time, he made clarion call for Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education to look at the country’s curriculum as it is time for children of The Gambia to learn how to free the country from economic dependency.

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