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How Gambian Football Maestro James Gomez Rises

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How Gambian Football Maestro James Gomez Rises

As a football enthusiast, James Gomez sacrifice his life to quit his upper basic education as earlier as possible: in exchange of footballing career. Stranged it was, as many will predict ones life as failure: knowing how little an opportunity was for one to make it through football.

James Gomez, with a very strong determination and thick skin, decided to join the Greater Tomorrow Football Academy; as some would called it at the time, ‘Ben Academy.’ If one takes fews steps back to see wether James’ talents are as a result of natural gift, you get to understand that this youngster gain his skils through continues hardwork.

Nine years back, have you been using Darsilami-Brikama road early mornings? If yes, then you must have one day, seen James rocking that road to go to Greater Tomorrow Academy in early mornings. Often, when passing by him while on the way to school, I used to tell myself ‘this boy will make it one day’ – through football.

It is very important to note that this hardworking soul would sometimes walk from Bakarysambouya to Brikama to attend his training sessions in the morning, and if you meet him at Bakarysambouya football field in the evening, you would think as if he didn’t attend any training session in the morning. Very hungry for fitness!

Just to mention few, this is how one of Gambia’s current best defenders developed his career – with the support of Benjamin Eze.

James went through various categories at Greater Tomorrow Academy up to the first team. He played many Nawettan games at Boxba Mini Stadium.

When did many Gambians started realizing that there is a hidden talent in our football discours? It was during James’ first appearance in the Zonal Tournament where he carried Brikama United on his back.


Part 2: Coming

His journey to one of the country’s footballing elites

Written: Sheriff Conteh

PC: Scorpion Fans Gambia

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