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Toady, this couple are celebrating 26 years of being together. Maa sha Allah, yalna len Yaala lafal chat. 26 years is not 26 days.
In this day and age, especially in the West where young people don’t understand or probably don’t care about maintaining their marriages , it’s hard to see a marriage that lasts 5 years talk less of 26. There’s no doubt that they have their issues like any other marriage including yours and mine but it’s certain that the couple understands the principle of marriage (it’s not usually honey and sugar all the time, it has its ups and downs some times) and all that lovers need is to communicate, compromise and sacrifice. Any marriage that is governed by these 3 principles, will most likely be blessed by God.
Mr Lamin Jatta and Mrs Anna Camara Jatta met when Anna was 23 and Lamin was 25 years old in Seattle, Washington when they were both soul searching and trying to discover themselves. Guess what, now they have been married for 26 years with two beautiful kids (Dembo and Binta Jatta). They now live in Atlanta Georgia where they are celebrating their Silver Jubilee.
Anna and Lamin are both professionals in their own rights.
Thus, we commend them for holding it down this long. Congrats guys and happy anniversary. May you celebrate 100 more years.
Tomorrow is Valentine’s and we have no doubt that they will spoil each other.
Congrats guys.
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