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This day 25 years ago, Demba Baldeh of Gainako Radio and newspaper asked for Isatou Baldeh’s hand in marriage. The couple went through it all both while in Gambia as well as when they immigrated to the US where they live with their beautiful kids.
Today, the Real Estate moguls are celebrating their Silver Jubilee (25 years of coexistence). This is indeed worth celebrating. Marriage we all know is not easy especially now a days. Any couple that survive 1 year deserve to be commended talk less of 25 whole years.
Last year, GTTV had the opportunity to interact with the couple on our Semester Avenue Show during which they revealed some of their struggles, challenges, achievements and secret to success.
Demba and Isatou are very tolerant with each other. They communicate a lot, they support and uplift each other especially in terms of needs and they stand by one another through thick and thin. Most importantly, they don’t let others meddle in their relationship. Hejalugn ken sen digenteh. To prove how closely they work together, Demba and Isatou Baldeh supported each other to go to school. They established the Baldeh Family Real Estate. Through them, a lot of Gambians and Africans in the Seattle metro area are able to buy their dream houses. Team work makes dream work.
This is food for thought for all young couple. 25 years is not 25 days. Any couple whose relationship last for a quarter century especially in this day and age rawatina in the West, should be applauded. Kon gacha ngalama the Baldehs. We encourage all young couples out there to learn from them.
Watch the full Semester Avenue featuring Demba and Isatou. Learn more about the Baldehs here https://youtu.be/x6l1Qvx5OxM
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