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As part of nationwide campagne tour 2021 for December 4 election, the PDOIS campaign team was at Daaru Salaam in Niamina CRR. The team was led by Hon. Halifa Ababacar Sallah the Flag bearer. He speak to them in a spot meeting and tell them the reason why the people of Daaru Salaam is not seeing development for many years, is due to the bad system and if they want to change it they must vote base on plans and policies but not base on tribes because they are given a voter cards base on their citizenship but not base on the tribes they came from.
The people of Daaru Salaam complaints for bad roads and access to good water and they need a help from him to change their situation… As they find it very difficult to have a clean water to drink.
After the spot meeting HON. Halifa Ababacar Sallah visited a well to inspect what the people were saying and he found out by himself.. after the inspection he didn’t utter a word. But from his facial reaction, you can only see disappoinment from him.
By Mouhamed Mbay Garmi.
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