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‘Foreign Ministry Kidnaps & Hand over Gambia to China in 2016’ – Dr. Ensa Touray

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By Lamin M. Ceesay

During his appearance on ‘Bankola Kuwo’ on Sunday, February 19th 2023, Dr. Ensa Touray, a university lecturer said the foreign Ministry of the Gambia in 2016-2017 kidnapped and handed over Gambia to industrial China.

‘The way to develop or utilize our internal resources, build capabilities in science and technology, and to adopt a framework where we will liaise with our neighbors because we are from the same cultural origin,’ he added that, ‘instead of pursuing that, they isolated African neighboring countries and flied to china because they believe in Capitalists.’

Dr. Touray said, that’s why after the political change in 2016, the Gambia’s Foreign Ministry went to China to open the country. He said, ‘they actually arrested this country, we are captives,’ he accused.

Speaking on the consequences of the Foreign Ministry’s action, the history lecturer said Gambia is currently facing the repercussion – while people considered them to be educated, but they failed to understand that these people are ignorant of the world system because they are wretched brains.

Speaking on the way forward, he said Gambia needs to align itself to countries base on mutual interest and whatever it is to do, there should be a system and a condition where it will never allow its zone to be a market for industrial world but rather to create its market in their zone.

Speaking on the importance of embracing what Gambians have, he said Gambians in the olden days celebrate Christening for their children where Cola nuts are shared to demonstrate that it is their cultural heritage.

On the contrary now, he said Gambian elites take those traditional cultures and adopt them to a modern context – Dr. Touray described this as imitative; saying, ‘an imitative brain will always institute an imitate system.’


Dr. Ensa Touray
Lawyer Ousainou Darboe
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