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Fishermen rage at illegal fishing vessels at Gunjur river

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Fishermen and dealers at Gunjur have raged at illegal fishing vessels at the Gunjur river, as they urged the government to kindly intervene and put a stop the wrongs happenings.

Speaking to GTTV, Modou Keita, a fish seller at the river said the community is now facing acute fish scarcity due to the activities of the big vessels fishing in the river, adding that the vessels have no respect to the fishing regulations of the country.

“They have sold the Gunjur river and the selling of the river do not help the fishermen because the vessels are destroying the fishing nets of the boat at the river,” Ebrima Faal told GTTV.

Alagie Faye, a resident of Gunjur expressed dismay saying that fishing boats are forced to cross border into Cassamance to fish because that the Gunjur river has been destroyed by the illegal fishing vessels.

“We have been complaining to ministry of fisheries but we never get answer or solution to our problem,” he said.

Omar Sonko another fish seller appealed that the ” fishery office of Gunjur should help us communicate to the government to helps us with our problems.”

“We always found it very difficult because where we normally smoke our fish is always having problem during the rainy season. If the government can help us with a market because we do not have a market here where they will be taking their fish to sell the found it very difficult to sell their fishes,” a woman appealed for help.


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