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By Modou Jobe

Dr Ismaila Ceesay, leader of the opposition Citizens Alliance has defended the Gambia deploying troops to Niger as part of Ecowas standby force to restore constitutionality.

Dr Ceesay’s comment comes amid heat up debate around Ecowas consideration to deploy troops in Niger to forcefully reinstate the toppled President Mohammed Bazzoum last month.

However, speaking on GISS GISS on Fatunetwork last Friday, the university lecture cum politician, Dr Ceesay said that: “

“When ECOWAS are sending troops to Niger to restore constitutional order, The Gambia should be in the in the forefront. The Gambia has benefitted from ECOWAS when Gambia was in the same situation so I expect Gambian to lead the way,” he said.

“The Gambia has the capacity, the leadership and believes our soldiers can contribute immensely in the Niger mission once they are sent,” he added.

According to him, during ECOMOG deployment in Liberia and Sierra Leone that “our soldiers perform far better and are the best in the field.”

“Therefore, they should not be underestimated. Gambian soldier excels in any peace keeping mission in the world. We need to be executive enough for that. If your neighbor’s house caught fire and you refuse to help put off the fire, your house will be the next to caught fire” therefore, we will not compromise on sending troops to Niger,” he added.



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