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Dodou Kassa Jatta slams Barrow gov’t for plunging ‘Gambia into extreme poverty’

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By Awa S. Jarju

Dodou Kassa Jatta, a staunch supporter of the opposition United Democratic Party, described the Barrow government of plunging ‘Gambia into extreme poverty’.

Speaking in GTTV flagship program “Aka kenung Nyameng”, he said Barrow failed the country for not being able to bring developments into the country since he came into power.

“Gambians were hopeful that President Barrow will not the footsteps of the former President and that was why many people voted for him. And poverty continues to rise in the country,” he said.

He added that he met President Barrow in Mankamang Kunda during which they discussed many issues but he alleged that the President has a problem keeping secrets and doesn’t fulfill his promises.

President Barrow’s government is not doing what the people voted for but rather they are busy sharing the country’s wealth and devising means to stay in power. Those in the tourism sector were all supposed to benefit from the Covid-19 grant,” he added.

Commenting further, he also alleged that the former local Government Minister Musa Drammeh has sold all the reserve land around Senegambia, and his successor, Aba Sanyang also sold the rest of ‘Kamalo’ area.

According to him, in the next ten (10) to fifteen (15) years, residents of Kombo will have no available land to use.

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