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I greet you all with salutations of #peace my beautiful friends, followers and well wishers. It has been a couple of weeks since you last heard from me on this page because it was hacked and abused by unknown actors. Thank God we have recovered the page and we are glad to continue our engagements with you on the “good and the beautiful”.

A lot has happened since I last communicated with you on this page. As a quick update, and as you may be aware: I submitted an application at the IEC’s regional office in Brikama to contest as candidate in the upcoming National Assembly Election and my nomination was rejected in a premeditated attempt to scuttle my efforts to be part of the people who want to hold our executive to account in the interest of democracy and good governance. The fight against the unjust rejection of my candidature has now morphed into a national #movement for justice, due process and fair play.

This is indeed a plus for our fledgling democracy. Our resolve remains solid, and our determination unshakable, that my candidature for the upcoming election cannot be squashed by the whims and caprices of a jaundiced few, intoxicated with power handed to them by your sweat and votes. It is unfortunate and appalling that a government that came to power on the backs of a people fighting against corruption, injustice and oppression has now become synonymous with rampant corruption, abuse of power, selective justice and police brutality.

The status quo is untenable and we shall continue to fight to correct the mess that the Barrow Administration has made of our beloved country right now. This struggle will surely be a success by the Grace of God and together we shall move forward with a nation guided by the rule of law, fair play and peaceful coexistence. Thank you again. And we pray that Allah blesses all of you, our dear supporters. We also pray that the enemies of justice and fair play see the light of God and do the right things, as my case reaches the High Court this week. #ForBetterGambia M. Sabally UDP Candidate For Busumbala Constituency


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