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Group holds talks with vice president over deportation of Gambians

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A group of young Gambians has held talks with the vice president Muhammed B.S Jallow at his state house office in Banjul over deportation of Gambians living in Europe.

Concerned Gambian Youths Network has been planning to hold a protest to express their dismay and concern about the deportation of Gambians, and collaborate with The Gambia government in looking for solution to the deportation.

The youth group in collaboration with the Gambia Refugees Association Europe Branch have earlier in May applied for a police permit to organise peaceful demonstration in Gambia against deportation but the police refused to issue the permit since May, the group said in a statement.

According to the group, they were asked to write a petition to state their concerns about the deportation of Gambians from Europe and send the petition to State House, IGP, IOM, Immigration Department, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior, and Justice which they did.

“The Vice President received his letter and saw the need to discuss concerns about the deportation with the CONCERNED GAMBIAN YOUTHS NETWORK. During their meeting at State House in Banjul the Vice President expressed concern about the deportation trend. He promised to engage the Gambia government and see what efforts could be done to minimise it.

“He also talked about the concerns raised about the plight of the deportees. The youth group thanked the Vice President for his foresight and concern. They expressed hope that the deportation trend will be solved soon,” the statement added.


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